An Interview With Our Senior Corporate Trainer, Manasi!

Her hard work and dedication has paid off and she was recently promoted to Senior Corporate Trainer.  It’s no wonder she was named a top leader at the firm just a few short months ago!  The development program and Dallas Texas Consultants has helped her get through training and now she is on to the next step in her career.  She will be taking on more responsibilities in the office and looking to move into another phase of her career very soon.

File_004Originally from Mumbai, India, Manasi moved here to attend college.  She went to University of Texas at Dallas, where she majored in Marketing and Global Business.

In the meantime, we got the exclusive!  Get to know her personally and professionally in our interview below.

Q.  When did you start with Dallas Texas Consultants?
A. “I started in January right out of college!”

Q.  What did you do for work prior to working here?
A.  I did a few internships to gain experience, but I was mainly focusing on college and getting my Bachelors degree.

Q.  What attracted you to our company?
A.  The company culture and the transparency. I love how I know exactly what I need to do to succeed in my position and have a ton of fun with some of the most awesome people I’ve ever met.

Q.  What is your favorite thing about working here?
A.  Hands down – the people!

Q.  What skills have you gained while working here?
A.  People skills for sure.  I used to be a shy and an introvert, but since I started working at Dallas Texas Consultants, I’ve changed for the better and I can literally talk to anyone for hours.

Q.  Where have you traveled since you’ve been in the company?
A.  I’ve travelled a ton since I started with the company, but my favorite destinations were New Orleans, Louisiana and Denver, Colorado.

Q.  What charity event you would like to be part of and why?
A.  The St. Jude Walk. I raised funds for St. Jude through my sorority throughout my college career and I would like to keep contributing to the great cause even after college!

Q.  Do you want to send a message to your team?
A.  Absolutely!  I’d say be patient, work hard and push yourself outside your comfort zone.  As long as you have a strong mindset nothing can stop you!

Q.  What made you want to get into sales and marketing?
A.  I am a big fan of learning.  The successful sales and leadership training systems for the company got my attention.

Q.  What do you think most attributed to your success and this promotion?
A.  My down to do whatever attitude and my work ethic

Q.  What are your upcoming professional goals for the future?
A.  I most certainly want to be in a management role by December 2017!

Thanks for sharing!  At Dallas Texas Consultants, we believe that getting to know someone on a personal level helps us to attain everyones goals much faster.  Let’s share some of that with the team!  We know they love this stuff!  giphy (3)

Q.  Nickname – if you have one
A.  Momo

Q.  Favorite food?
A.  Tacos

Q.  Three things you can’t leave the house without?
A.  My phone, sunscreen and my planner

Q.  Guilty pleasure
A.  Anything sweet! I have a huge sweet tooth and I can never resist anything sweet

Q.  Coffee or tea?
A.  Coffee any day!

Q.  Book you’d recommend and one takeaway?
A.  The Leadership Challenge, by James Kouzes and Barry Posner is a book that helped me with my leadership skills.  The book addresses matters of both head and heart of leadership and really changed my perspective towards leadership.

Q.  Some fun facts about yourself.
A.  I speak 4 different languages and I can understand 6 languages

Q.  Motto you live by.
A.  Play now, pay later; pay now, play later!

Q.  Person that inspires you to be successful and why?
A.  My Dad because I’ve always looked up to him and everything he has achieved in life.

Q.  What are your personal goals for the future?
A.  I want own a giant closet full of high-end designer clothes, shoes and handbags and travel the world.  Cause, who doesn’t want to walk in style across every country!?!?

Thanks Momo for taking the time to sit with us and let us get to know you better.  We couldn’t be more thrilled for your promotion and know you will excel in your new role!



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