Learning from Negative Experiences

Life’s journey comes with plenty of bumps and bruises along the way. None of us are immune from experiencing tough, unfavorable situations, however some of us are able to get through them as stronger, smarter, more resilient people!

We have no control over life’s growing pains, but we do have control over how we choose to deal with them. We can choose to dwell on the negatives and allow them to set us back, or we can choose to turn them into lessons, triumph over them and move forward as better individuals.

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At Dallas Texas Consultants,  we are no strangers to setbacks. In the field of entrepreneurship, you’ve got to take risks. With risk taking, comes obstacles and inevitable failures. We don’t look at our failures as the end. We look at them as learning opportunities and platforms upon which we build our strengths, resiliency, knowledge, experience and passion.

Next time you’re faced with a tough situation, keep these things in mind to help you move through the experience, move on, and be better for it!

  1. Analyze the situation. When you have expectations for how a certain experience is supposed to go, any turn out besides your expectation can bum you out or make you feel as though the situation is a failure. Make sure you analyze what’s going on before you jump to conclusions. 
  1. Gain perspective. So, things didn’t work out how you’d hoped. Take a step back from the situation and get some perspective. Is it really as bad as you think, or is it just a different outcome? Is it something that can be fixed with an altered plan, or is there really no mending the situation? 
  1. Look at the facts. Take your feelings and judgement’s out of it for a moment and look at the cold, hard facts. When you separate just the facts, you will be able to see what factors contributed to and influenced the negative experience, what you wanted the outcome to be and what the actual outcome was. 
  1. Search for the lesson. Looking at the facts, find the lesson in the situation. What actions, or lack thereof, contributed to the experience? What could you have done differently? What adjustments will you make moving forward? If you can find a lesson in a negative experience, it is never a complete failure. Learn from it. Grow from it. Be better because of it. 
  1. Feel what you need to feel. It’s okay to be upset, disappointed, sad or angry. It’s a normal reaction. Just make sure you deal with your feelings appropriately and vent in a healthy way. Don’t stifle your emotions, but don’t blow up either. Get out your frustrations through healthy outlets such as exercise, sports, journaling, etc. Feel it, process it, let it go and move on. 
  1. Use the experience as fuel. Remember that setbacks are just little bumps in the road. Use them as fuel to continue to pursue your passions with even more intensity than before. Every time that you fail and pick yourself back up, you are that much stronger, wiser, and more unbeatable than before!

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