How Your Business Can Benefit from Career Fairs

Have you thought about participating in a career fair? Both businesses and those in search of a career alike can benefit exponentially from attending career fairs.

For businesses, securing a spot at a career fair accomplishes many things at once. Not only does it work wonders for recruiting, but it’s a great way to get the name of your business out in the public and leave a lasting impression on the community! Check out a few of the many benefits that attending career expos provides:

  1. Meet different communities. When you set up a space for your business at a career fair, you have an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with surrounding communities with which you may not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet. 
  1. Get your company’s name and face out into the public. When you and a few members of your team are able to physically represent your company and brand, you can portray an accurate and favorable picture of your business! Yes, people can check out your websites and reviews, but there is no comparison to the real deal. Applicants will have the chance to meet and speak with you, other business may want to work with or refer clients to you, and your host may refer applicants to you, as well! 
  1. Meet a broad range of prospective applicants. A career fair is a recruiter’s dream. It’s a place to meet potential candidates in person and can serve as an initial screening. In many cases, employers will offer first-round interviews on the spot. 
  1. Explain your business and culture. Career fairs are perfect for increasing brand awareness. Not everyone will understand the logistics of a business simply by checking the website or ads. Fairs are the perfect opportunity to get down to the details and talk about the fun side of our company culture, as well! 
  1. Make connections with colleges. College fairs are particularly beneficial, as it’s a great opportunity to meet with new graduates and soon-to-be grads looking to start their career. In addition, registering for college career fairs opens the door for opportunities to make connections with staff and professionals in the career center and other fitting sectors within the college. When they know of students who are looking for careers who would be a good fit, they can make the recommendation. 
  1. Personal contact is everything. When sifting through résumés, you can miss out on a lot of great prospects and hire many not so great ones. At a career fair, you have the advantage of being able to speak with applicants in person and get a better judge of character as opposed to reading a piece of paper. In addition, you will have the opportunity to converse with some non-traditional prospects, which you may have otherwise overlooked.

Career fairs are excellent opportunities to expand into different communities, represent your business in the best light, connect with businesses and colleges, and broaden your horizons for prospective applicants. The benefits for attending a career fair will extend far beyond the day of participation. There’s nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain!

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