How to Communicate Expectations as a Manager

It just isn’t possible to lead a team successfully if you can’t communicate well. If you aren’t able to communicate your expectations and vision to your team, how can you be a great leader?


There is so much involved in skillful communicating and connecting, and there is always room for improvement. When it comes to portraying your expectations as a manager, it’s important to have a solid foundation of skills, and continue to develop from there.

Here are some key points that every successful and inspirational leader should cover when aspiring to connect and convey expectations to their team:

  1. Set the tone. There’s nothing wrong with being friendly with employees, or even being friends with them! However, it is very important to set the tone that work is work. 
  1. Communicate clearly. As a manager, clear and effective communication skills are essential. It’s important to be straightforward and completely transparent when it comes to your expectations. 
  1. Assign responsibilities. Make sure that each employee has a clear job description and that they understand all of their responsibilities. 
  1. Set deadlines. It’s important to have routine goals and deadlines. Without a timeframe for tasks, there is too much room for confusion and slack. Deadlines keep everything moving smoothly and increase motivation and productivity. 
  1. Separate relationships. As stated previously, it is fine to have friendships with your team. However, there have to be different boundaries within the workplace. Every business must maintain a level of professionalism and order for the company to be successful and for professional relationships to exist symbiotically. 
  1. Set your standards. Set your standards and expectations for attitude, values, ethics, production, etc. The best way to set the standard is to be an example, yourself. 
  1. Be consistent. Be consistent with what you say and how you act. Be consistent with what you expect from your employees and be consistent in holding the team accountable.

Most issues within management can be solved with better communication. Clear communication is one of the main ingredients to success in business.

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