Spring Cleaning to Enhance Productivity

Spring is in the air, and with spring comes a new spark of energy and excitement! Everyone has that “new beginning” feeling, and we’re ready to spring into action!

Most people give their homes a good spring cleaning this time of year, and we’re ready to do the same at our office! There’s something about a new, clean space that makes you feel ready to start fresh and take on the world!

We’ve got some tips for getting the office sparkling clean in order to boost your mood and your productivity!

  1. Throw away clutter. Clutter in the office can accumulate very quickly! It’s difficult enough to keep necessary items neat and organized, so there is no room for random unneeded junk in your space. Get rid of anything that you don’t absolutely need, and give away any items that someone else can use. 
  1. Organize your paperwork. Loose paperwork can become an absolute nightmare when it comes to keeping your space, (and mind!) in order. Set up a filing system for all of your documents, and always file your papers straight away. 
  1. Dust your office. Don’t forget to wipe down, (and disinfect) all of the surfaces of your office. Dust is a major irritant and contributor to allergies. 
  1. Control cords and wires. Nothing is more annoying than tripping all over extension cords or getting tangled up in loose wires. Bundle up any extra cordage or long wires with loose zip ties, bands, binder clips or any similar repurposed tool to keep them out of your way! 
  1. Keep only what you need at arm’s length. Keep the items that you use most frequently and need immediate access to at arm’s length when sitting at your desk. This way, you can easily access what you need without having to move clutter around, and your workspace will be nice and neat. 
  1. Clean the floors. Don’t neglect your floors! Just because you don’t look at them much, or work directly on them, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be kept clean! Vacuum them or sweep them often, and give them a good shampooing or mopping when needed! 
  1. Clean out your desk. We all accumulate stuff we don’t need in our desk drawers, (especially in the junk drawer! ) Clean out your desk, and continue to do so once a week to avoid a big project. Do the same with file cabinets, cubbies, refrigerators, etc. 
  1. Clean up your desktop. Now that your desk is clean, clean up your virtual desk top, too! Streamline your desktop icons so you have easy access to what you need most. Eliminate unneeded items, and organize by folders. 
  1. Clean out your inbox. Many people will say that cleaning and organizing their email inbox is their least favorite task. It doesn’t take long to collect a ridiculous hoard of email! Sit down and create a few folders for easy organization. Then, bite the bullet and go through your mail, filing important ones and deleting what isn’t. Next, try to make it a habit of doing this on a daily basis as you read them. 
  1. Make your space come alive. Once you’ve given your office a good spring cleaning, bring some life into it! Bring in some color and some personal touches. Add some softer lighting. Bring some nature inside by adding an indoor plant! Make your space your own!

A cluttered space often causes a cluttered mind. Cleaning up your surrounding promotes a sense of clarity allowing room to focus on more important things!

For more inspiration and motivational blogs go to Dallas Texas Consulting’s pinterest page.


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