Qualities of Approachable People

It used to be that successful business people wanted to portray an image of being dominant, superior, untouchable even. If you didn’t look like you were more successful than everyone else, then you weren’t.

Thank goodness those days are gone, and it’s not all about appearing to be better than everyone else. In fact, it is much more beneficial in the business world to be seen as approachable. Not everyone gives off a naturally approachable vibe, but believe it or not, it is a skill that can be developed!

Take some tips from those who are most congenial. They:

  1. Are warm. Warmth is something that comes from inside of you. If you are not naturally a warm person, you can become friendlier without being or feeling fake. Begin by having a positive mindset when interacting with people. Smile and keep your intent on forming a relationship and really listening to what they are saying.
  1. Are genuine. It’s never a good thing to pretend to be someone you’re not. The most approachable people are genuinely and authentically themselves and are comfortable in their own skin.
  1. Are open. It’s really hard to connect with people who are closed off. No one is saying that you need to put your whole life on display, but letting people in a little bit is important when it comes to relating to others.
  1. Have positive body language. The way you hold yourself and present yourself to the world plays a major role in the way you are perceived. If you keep your body small, slouched and crossed, you will appear to be unapproachable. If you present as tall, open and confident, you will be perceived as welcoming.
  1. Keep eye contact. Lack of eye contact comes off as dodgy or uninterested. It’s really important to show interest and respect by holding eye contact throughout most of your conversations with others.
  1. Are honest. Approachable people are forthcoming and have no hidden agenda.
  1. Are down to earth. One of the most important qualities of those who are easy to talk to is that they are humble and down to earth. No one wants to engage with someone who thinks they’re superior and talks down to them.
  2. Are good conversationalists. The ability to hold a good conversation is key when it comes to congeniality. Being approachable is one thing, but if you can’t keep a conversation, it’s going to get awkward quickly once the introductions are over! With practice, anyone can be a great conversationalist.

Approachability is an integral trait to have when it comes to being successful in business. When it comes to making connections, sales, hiring, leading, training and everything in between, you won’t get far without great people skills.


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